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First time I had seen this. I agree Anthony, no way do I agree with this interpretation. The wild beasts of Daniel prophecy and all the beasts down to this day are the ones depicted in Revelation, not a religious organization. So how did the wild beast change in to a religious organization? Daniel 7

I think that the WT has become part of BTG because of its adultry with the UN, as you see the harlot rides the wild beast. Revelation 17

I just dont see how that interpretation is in harmony with scripture.


I would like to pass on to you some scriptural basis for the wild beast as having a religious nature.

As a primer, the article about Rev. ch9 will show you scripturally, what the abyss is and who is over it.

The abyss is the source of the wild beast (Rev.11:7)
It is clear that Satan is behind the wild beast (Rev.13:2) It is also clear that Satan has waged war with the "remaining ones of" the woman's "seed" (Rev.12:17) He uses the wild beast to "conquer and kill" them (Rev.11:7)
Revelation 9 shows what the exact tool is, that Satan uses in this war against them. According to the Bible, the "fallen star" who is over the abyss, has been handed the key to the abyss of deception and death. With it, this fallen star "Wormwood", releases this wild beast upon the anointed. Wormwood is an unfaithful anointed one.
You can clearly see this by comparing Rev.9:1, and Rev.8:10,11; which both refer to this "fallen star".
"Stars" are anointed, according to the Bible (Rev.2:1)

After reading the article, the following scriptures will help you expound on your understanding:
Amos 9:7a shows that Jehovah can indeed come to view His covenant people, as being the Nations, after they betray Him.

"Babylon the Great" (the "great city": Rev.17:18) clearly has a spiritual identity. Yet how is this great city also described? Rev.11:8 reads:
(I will emphasize helpful points)
"And their corpses (two witnesses killed by wild beast) will be on the broad way of the GREAT CITY *which is in a spiritual sense* called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was also impaled."
Notice...the "great city", "Babylon the Great" is considered by God (in a "spiritual sense"), the NATIONS of Sodom and Egypt! Yet where was the Lord impaled? He was killed by the religious leaders of God's own people, in God's own City. How did God then feel about his people? He felt them to be the same (spiritually), as the abhorrent NATIONS of Sodom and Egypt. Yes, for their resemblance to those Nations that oppressed and defiled his people; these are a perfect example of how God comes to view those who become alienated from Him, unjustly condemning and killing His servants (two witnesses).
Yes, God himself sees these former worshipers, as the Nations. Do not forget that these accounts in the book of Revelation, apply to our day...

We are told that in the "Lord's Day" (Rev.1:10), this is just what occurs with how God views his earthly worshipers. At Rev.11:2, John "measures" God's worship on earth. John is told to throw it away and don't even bother, because "it has been given to the Nations". God casts it away, because it is now considered unclean. Interestingly, like the man of lawlessness and the wild beast, this courtyard of worship is also accused of trampling "the holy city underfoot". (Rev.11:2; 2Thess.2:4; Dan.8:24b; Rev.13:7)
Once God's named people are ruled by those who have traded His covenant for submission to Satan (see scriptures in Rev.9 article), He views them as ruled by elements of Satan's world. He sees this domination, the same as if they were ruled by the Nations.

The three unclean inspired expressions that come out of the mouth of the wild beast, are the same as it's number: 666. (Rev.16:13,14)

[Six represents a single witness, or, a lie. In two sixes (two witnesses) there is twelve. (6+6=12) Twelve is the number Jehovah uses to establish truth and to represent His truthful witnesses (Matt.10:2;Acts1:15;James1:1)(Matt.18:16; Rev.11:3; John 8:17).(144,000-24elders=120,000) Six is the number of each anointed witness (144,000/24elders=6,000) See pearl-666.blogspot.com)]

The number 666, emphasizes the lies coming forth from the mouth of the wild beast. Rev.16:13,14 confirms this. There, these three exhalations of the beast's mouth are indeed called, "unclean inspired expressions". Unclean expressions, are lies.
Why are we told that these demonic expressions (lies) are froglike?
How does a frog begin? It is an egg...barely noticeable. From this it goes through many gradual changes. If one is observing it constantly, the changes are not perceptible. Yet, for one who remains alert and keeps track, the changes are dramatic. At each stage, it seems the developing organism is a different creature. Egg, tadpole, aquatic frog, and finally an air-breathing reptile.   Yes... if done gradually enough, even truths can be transformed into lies. This can happen imperceptibly, to those not on guard (1Tim.6:20; 2Tim.1:13,14; 2Pet.3:17; Jude24). Satan and the demons are masters of deception (John8:44). Only Jehovah can deliver us from such misleading power (Matt.6:13; 2Cor.11:3; Matt.24:24,25). We see that these frog-like deceptive lies, meet with great success (Rev.13:8,14)!
We are also told that this number, is a "man's" number (Rev.13:18). This is the "man" of lawlessness (2Thess.2:3). He too, is full of lies and deception (2Thess.2:9). The "man of lawlessness" is also called the "Son of destruction" (2Thess.2:3) This links him to Judas Iscariot (John17:12) (All the apostles were not yet anointed.) Therefore, he is a Christian traitor, this "man of lawlessness". The wild beast has "a *man*'s number" as it's name. It is linked with the meaning of 666. Both the wild beast, and the *man* of lawlessness, are described as having the meaning of 666 as their name, in that they are both described as being "full of lies".
The "man of lawlessness" in 2Thess.2, is the same as the wild beast, symbolized in Rev.13.

If you read the above article, I'm sure you will see enough scriptural backing for the correct understanding of this spiritual fulfillment. I hope you will read all the cited scriptures, and let me know your conclusions. I welcome this from everyone. I am very interested in feedback, so that I may make improvement. Honest questions are also welcomed.
Remember too, that the wild beast demands worship (Rev.13:15). It is associated with a "false prophet" (Rev. 20:10). And the only way to gain victory over it, is to remain faithful to Jehovah (Rev.17:14).

[[The facts that a death stroke was healed (society developments in 1919), and that all those on the "earth" wonder admiringly at it's recovery(Rev.17:8), are fulfilled in a clear and full sense within Jehovah's Witnesses. The world does not so admire the UN for re-emerging from League of Nations. Most people don't even know these facts.]] Yet this scripture does not say the "world". It says the "earth". This can have the scriptural meaning of God's people.(2Pet.3:13; Hab.2:14; Rev.12:12;21:1)

It is very likely, that the uncontrollable sea of mankind will
never unify in worship of any political entity. Yet God's disciplined people around the world would do so, if they believed that this beast truly represented God.
But, does the wild beast claim to represent God?
You see, the beast
does claim to represent God, and His judgments. It claims to be able to make "fire come down out of heaven" Rev.13:13. Fire coming down out of heaven was done by Moses and Elijah (Numbers16:35; 2Kings 1:12). These are the very two prophets that represent the sealed anointed in Kingdom power (see Matt.17:4). Therefore, this wild beast is claiming to represent/serve the sealed, appointed, approved anointed; or, the "faithful slave" of Christ. 
Yet, Rev.8:10,11 shows, that this anointed leader fell from Jehovah's favor, and "polluted" the "waters" of truth that people were taking in.
"Wormwood" are the unfaithful anointed over the abyss. That which comes forth from the abyss (locust/scorpions--wild beast) are those who do Wormwood's bidding; declaring and enforcing it's commands. Wormwood has given them authority and power (Rev.9:3).
Yet over all these, including Wormwood; is their king Satan, the "angel of the abyss". Satan has shared his power with Wormwood, by giving it the Key to his abyss (Rev.9:1,11). This key represents authority over 
the "Abyss" of death/the "deep"/the pit/the "Sea"...through a covenant with Death/"Destruction"/Satan. (Rev.9:11; Isa.28:15; Rom.10:7).

The non-anointed "man of lawlessness" lifts himself up over God's people (including the anointed). 2Thess.2:4; trampling the anointed down (Rev.11:2; Matt.24:15; Dan.9:26; 11:31; 12:7)
This makes God view the non-anointed (spiritual Gentiles) man of lawlessness, as a National ruler over his people, Israel/spiritual "Jews" (Rom.2:29).  (Mark 10:42) 
Those faithful to Christ have no part in such dominance. (John 17:16; Mark 10:43)
Like the National governments that ruled God's people (anointed) before him, his power springs from Satan.(2Thess.2:9; Rev.9:11)
Those "Gentiles" who are backed by Satan and under his power, are part of the world, or, the "Nations". (1John 5:19)

God would then view the "man of lawlessness" as a "worldly" ruler over His people, spiritual "Israel". It is irrelevant that the non-anointed "Man of Lawlessness"
claims to worship God or to rightly rule in God's Temple, the "Holy Place". This "standing" up and ruling by spiritual Gentiles, is a "disgusting thing" in God's sight (Matt.24:15).

Subjection to this rule of deception, would ruin God's clean worship. (Rev.11:2; 2Thess.2:10-12; Rev.8:11; 13:8)
Those so veiled, will perish. (2Cor.4:3; 2Thess.2:10; Rev.8:11; 13:8)
This "lawless one" who expects to be worshiped, is full of "deception" and "lying signs". (2Thess.2:9,10; Rev.16:13; 13:5)
He is in the lead within God's organization and has apostasized from the truth. (2Thess.2:3,4; Rev.13:7)
He derives his power and authority from the "fallen star", "Wormwood"(Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,2; 13:11,12,14), who is over the Abyss/Deep/Sea, that spawned that lawless Gentile (Rev.9:2,3; 11:7; 13:1).

The scriptures tell us that Wormwood:
1. Was a prominent anointed. (Rev.8:10- "great star" Rev.2:1)
2. Proved an unfaithful apostate. (Rev.8:11- "fell from heaven...upon the waters...made bitter...men died" Isa.24:5)
3. Receives spiritual authority over others. (Rev.8:10) "GREAT star burning as a lamp" [shining light for all to see])
4. Comes under Satan's power. (Rev.9:1,11) "over them a king...Abaddon") (see link above)
5. Unleashes Satan's deceptive lies upon God's people. (Rev.9:1,2) "and the key of the pit of the abyss was given him....smoke ascended...sun, air darkened")
6. Unleashes others, gives them authority to persecute the unsealed anointed. (Rev.9:3,5,10) "out of the smoke: locusts/wild beast/man of lawlessness came forth...and authority was given them...to hurt the men five months") (Rev.13:18;11:7)
7. These hurtful locust/scorpions, ascend from the abyss to "harm" the as yet, unsealed men (Rev.9:4;7:3). Just as "Wormwood" is over the Abyss from which both the Locust/scorpions
and the wild beast come from; so too the Harlot is over the wild beast. Wormwood (the fallen anointed star) then, is associated with the Mother of the Harlots.

We see clearly from Rev. 9:1, that "Wormwood" has the key, and therefore the power, over the abyss of deception and death. It is therefore at the bidding of this fallen anointed, that the "Wild Beast" "ascends out of the abyss" that kills Christ's faithful Witnesses Rev.11:7;17:8. It too, promotes Satan's deceptions. Rev.16:13,14.

The "wild beast", like the "locust/scorpions", is sent forth by a fallen anointed one (who is now considered, by Jehovah, the same as a Harlot). These powerful arms of her, [wild beast/locusts who are now considered by Jehovah as the nations (pearl-revelation9.blogspot.com)], are extensions of the fallen anointed one who is ruling over God's people and providing tainted spiritual waters. Since these authorized powers (Rev.9:3,7) "ascend out of the abyss", they are born from, and promulgate, deception, lies, and spiritual death. The unleashed locusts were limited in power, before the "men" were sealed (Rev.9:5; 7:1,3). Once these anointed are sealed through proving faithful in these trials, the wild beast is "granted" to "conquer and kill them" (Rev.11:7). Wormwood has entered into a "covenant with death" with Satan himself (Isa.28:15). This joint covenant is for the purpose of killing the "remaining ones of her seed" (Rev.12:17), the sealed anointed.

While spiritual adultery results from relations with Satan's system or it's kings; God's people would have been guilty of this many times in the past. Wormwood has not left her covenant with God in this way. She is not merely dabbling with a Nation (or the U.N.). She enters a personal covenant with Satan himself.....to kill the brothers of His beloved Son. This makes Wormwood, not just a spiritual adulteress, but a harlot. She is spawn of "
The Mother of the Harlots" (Rev.17:5). 
Babylon the Great is the Covenant of Death. She is the counterpoint of Sarah...the covenant of Life (Gal.4:24,26)(see pearl-thewoman.blogspot.com). The harlots within this "Mother of the Harlots", ...used to belong to the blood of His Son. They are now intimate with Satan. Throughout all history, there has never been a more disgusting betrayal against God.

This development and situation, sets the faithful and unfaithful in "opposition" to each other. (John 17:14; 2Thess.2:4; Mal.3:18; Rev.19:19)  Each group belongs to different "mothers". There is "Jerusalem Above", and there is the bottomless "Abyss" below. One brings forth light and life; the other darkness, smoke, torment, and death. The children of one, offer sayings of life. The harlot daughters of the other, offer lies leading to death. They come to kill their former brothers when they join forces with the wild  beast (Rev.17:12-14) And "for the sake of what" do the unfaithful desire to "slaughter their brother"'s? "Because their own works" are "wicked" (1John3:10,12). 
The unfaithful are drunk; full of the wine of pride and power Rev.17:2,6. They imbibe this power and share the desire of Satan; to kill Christ's brothers. Why? Because those faithful to Christ refuse to submit to and propagate, her blasphemous lying doctrines. They are instead, willing to die to obey their Lord, and expose her death dealing darkness (Rev.12:11).

I believe Satan will see to it, that as much as possible, current events in Satan's Nations will mirror the fulfillment of the scriptures. He knows he cannot prevent the Scriptures' spiritual fulfillments. But he does have the power to use a "red herring" in his attempt to deceive the chosen.
Satan will also, in his thoroughness, apparently use fallen anointed within God's own people, to further mislead. (Matt.24:24,25) Satan entered into, and used the fallen betrayer Judas Iscariot (John13:21,26,27). Wormwood comes to despise and  betray her former spiritual brothers. Just as the Jewish religious leaders used Judas to facilitate Christ's death; "Wormwood" will also use the "the son of destruction"; the "man of lawlessness" (the wild beast) (2Thess.2:3; John17:12; Rev.13:18) to do her dirty work.

Rather than believing that these prophecies have either a physical OR spiritual fulfillment; or that God's people will only be effected by religious powers OR political powers; perhaps the truth lies in that both fulfillments will come to pass. God's people may face the fullness of both. However, it is the spiritual warnings and fulfillments that have the power to save; not the physical ones.
Please let me recommend an excellent article on the "Wild Beast"...

----------------------PART 2-------------------------------------

This is a letter in response to questions asked about the Beast and the event about to unfold:

 can you please explain that to me. 
1. Is that "great earthquake" (Rev.11:13)
> related to the revealing
> of the MOL or is it long after that?

> 2. Who or What is the beast?

> 3. Will the Jehovah's witnesses (Organization) turn on the governing body?

> 5. Saw a comment by Sas about 2012 being of significance, what are
> your thoughts on that

> Sorry i sent this in two parts technology was getting the better of
> me. Hope what i asked makes sense. I know i asked a lot of things, do
> take your time in answering them

> Thank you in very much


 Thanks for writing, and I am glad for your questions.
I will answer 2-4 first, and save #1 for last, since that is the longest one.

Who or What is the beast?

I believe the Beast to be the organization of un-anointed in positions of authority....
such as Elders, C.O.'s, etc.  These are serving in Jehovah's spiritual temple (caring for the sheep) even though they are not the "priests"/"princes" that Jehovah has chosen (Eze.7:22; 2Chron.13:9). 
These ones have lifted themselves up over the anointed ("everyone called a god" 2Thess.2:4), and have (through the authority they have received from the G.B.-- Rev.9:3,7) lifted themselves up as "a god" in Jehovah's temple (they are to be obeyed by the sheep, even more than the sheep's obedience to the Bible.) 
Job.41:34 defines "majestic wild beasts" as "all the sons of pride" (see footnote reference Bible) who "Leviathan"/Satan is "king" over (Job41:34; Rev.9:11; Isa.27:1; Job.26:13).

This is the "disgusting thing standing in a Holy place" (Matt.24:15; Eze.5:11; 44:6,7,8; Dan.9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Deut.29:17; 1Kings 11:5; Rev.13:15). As you can see from these scriptures, these "disgusting things" are idols that are worshiped by God's own people (Rev.13:8; 21:27), and cause the spiritual desolation/defilement of them.
Even the Roman army that desecrated and literally desolated the Temple in 70CE, were worshiped by the Jews prior to that destruction (John19:15b,12; 18:30,35). They did not instead, seek Jehovah's guidance when dealing with Jesus. The very muscle the Jews used against Christ, turned on them. So too, the muscle "Wormwood/Harlots" uses against the "two witnesses", will turn on them (see answer to your second question).
The "disgusting thing" in the end time, is also shown by the Locust/scorpions (Eze.2:6,7), who are given counterfeit "crowns" of authority by "wormwood"/two horned beast/false prophet (Rev.9:7; Isa.23:8; Rev.13:12b,15). This fallen anointed identity (GB/false prophet/two-horned beast) (Rev.8:10,11;9:1) is the one who released them into the earth ("breathed life into the image of the Beast") and taught everyone to obey them (Rev9:3; 13:12,15). 

Elders are the ones who will directly disfellowship any who do not give their allegiance to the Organization (image of the Beast). The G.B. uses them for this (as the Jews used the Romans). The GB does not directly do the disfellowshipping that they are ordering. This is why Babylon the Great is seen "drunk with the blood of the Holy Ones", yet it is the Beast that actually does the dirty work (Rev.11:7).

The "ten kings" that give away their kingdom to rule one hour with the Wild Beast (Rev.17:12), are the anointed that remain inside the Organization, submit themselves to it, accept positions within it, and remain loyal to it instead of Jehovah. These anointed "kings" have "not yet received a kingdom" because God's Kingdom has not yet arrived. 
These lose out on being part of the "two witnesses". (10+2=12) Twelve is the symbolic number of all anointed in the earth during the end. Symbolically...10 prove unfaithful (ten means all that exist throughout the earth); "two" prove faithful (two represents true witnesses --John8:17; Isa.43:10). If an anointed one is not a part of the "two", then they are part of the "ten".
These "ten kings" who become part of the Beast (ten horns of the beast Rev.13:1b; 17:12), are not the same as the Harlot daughters of Babylon the Great, who sit as queens (Rev.17:5,18; 18:7) with their "mother" covenant of death (Isa.28:18). These all have separate identities (Rev.17:7) These 10 kings "who have not yet received their kingdom" commit fornication with those harlot daughters who do rule (Rev.17:1,2). Some anointed ones do not see this distinction clearly. Only the GB rules among the unfaithful anointed. The rest (horns/kings) only rule in association with the wild beast ,that she/BTG/mother covenant... and her daughters/harlots/GB, ...ride.

 Will the Organization turn on the governing body?

Yes,...according to prophecy, after the "Beast" removes/expels/"kills" the "two witnesses"; it will turn on it's own leadership. I do not see clearly from the Bible at this time, what will cause that (Other than Jehovah putting it into their hearts  Rev.17:16,17; Jer.6:2,3,4,5; Isa.47:8,11; Eze.16:38,39). I suspect that after all the true faithful anointed are out of the organization, there will be a tremendous palpable loss of Holy Spirit. Or, if the deaths of the "two witnesses" becomes literally fulfilled, perhaps this crime ordered by the GB will be exposed (Rev.17:6). (Certainly the organization has enough influence and money to hire someone  to cause this execution.)
Whatever we may arrive at through our own conjecture, the Beast/Organization, will  turn on it's highest leaders, "Wormwood"/Harlots (Rev.18:6,24; Matt.23:35,37) and the scriptures will prove true.

Saw a comment by Sas about 2012 being of significance, what are
 your thoughts on that?

I remain guided by Matt.24:36. Therefore, I will not voice an indication of chronology, as I believe this is not my place. The "end" will come according to the circumstances Jehovah has indicated in His prophetic Word. He has not indicated to me, any date. It is my goal not to go beyond what I am given.

Is that great earthquake
> related to the revealing
> of the MOL or is it long after that?

It would seem that the MOL is progressively revealed somewhat prior to the "earthquake". Although my knowledge is not complete regarding this, let me give you some scriptures to consider in this regard.....

When the "earthquake" occurs, it "splits the City" (BTG) into three parts (Rev.16:18,19). This signifies the three plagues that come upon it's parts, when it is judged (Eze.5:2,12,13,16,17). These are signified by the three horsemen that ride behind Christ in the time of the end. (Rev.6:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; Eze.14:13,15,17,19,21; Rev.9:16,18; 11:5,6,13). This is the "hour" during which the "ten kings" rule with the Beast. 
You will notice that in Rev.11:13...a "third" of the ones who receive these plagues, "gave glory to the God of Heaven". This corresponds to Zech.13:8,9.
We see that it is the prophecying of the "two witnesses" that reveals the Man of Lawlessness, causes the plagues, and causes the resulting earthquake and judgments upon those in association with Babylon the Great. Yet a dissection of the progressive timing of events does not seem to be given (at least not at this time). Perhaps this is because much of it overlaps.

I believe that through a study of all these scriptures, you will perceive more of the answer to this question.

I must thank you again. Holy spirit is with me when I answer your questions. This is not the case with all the questions I receive. Stay faithful.


Dear Anthony,
Sorry that your point (about the "conclusion") is not clear to me, but the signs of the period of the last days (conclusion of the system of things) were given us by Jesus. (2Tim.3:1-5)
Matt. 24:3 says:
"While he was sitting upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples approached him privately, saying: “Tell us, When will these things be, and what will be the sign ofyour presence and of the conclusion of the system of things?”Jesus compares those signs (and experiencing them) to a woman who has been seized by labor pains (Matt.24:8; John16:21,22). We know that this in an inescapable process, that grows in intensity and distress (Matt.24:6d,8,14). It culminates in a birth. Rev.12:4 confirms this reference by Christ.

Since the time of the end compares to the time of the end of a pregnancy,
we know that the end of a pregnancy is when labor pains begin. Yet the birth follows the labor, and does not take place as soon as labor pains begin.
It is during the labor pains (pangs of distress) of the conclusion of our religious system/fulfillment of the New Covenant, that the signs Jesus gave, take place.
They compare to the signs Jesus gave of the conclusion (in God's eyes) of the Jewish religious system, and the end of the Old Covenant (Matt.24).

Regarding the additional scriptures you gave,
16 And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead, 17 and that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.

...these also are fulfilled by the present religious system of things as expressed in the Organization of JW's.

The "mark" is a mark of slavery/ownership. Having it on the head or hand, indicates that their thinking (and/or deeds of worship),
are captive, and in worshipful service to, the wild beast/organization (and not to God).

A mark on the forehead indicates the dominate thinking of a person (Eze.9:4)
The Greek scriptures speak of such a mark for those not obedient to God's Word (2Thess.3:14; 1Tim.4:2).

The "buying and selling" must also be understood according to the Bible's meaning, and not our own.
Simony is the "selling" and "buying" of position and favor (Acts.8:20,21).
The foolish virgins to off to those who "sell" for their oil. Yet we know this is not literal oil or money, but Holy Spirit that fuels their lamps (Matt.25:9).
(What they compromise to pay the beast ("those who sell") for counterfeit divine approval/Holy Spirit, is another subject)
Isaiah spoke about the buying and selling of spiritual provisions also (Isa.55:1-4).
Paul recognized the "riches" defined as position and power, at 1Cor.4:8.

At Rev.18:3 it says of Babylon the Great's Harlot...
and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”
Yes, it is this figure of religious abominations, that has the "excessive luxuries". She herself is rich, and those who "buy and sell" with the beast she rides, also grow rich (2Cor.2:17).
Luke 16:9 speaks of the "unrighteous riches" of the steward's power over the other slaves.

Truly, Jehovah is not interested in the world's literal money (Matt.22:21).
But he is intently interested when powers of this world, suppress/enslave/arrest His servants. This incites his jealousy.

The spiritual fulfillment of the mark of enslaved thinking, the conditional buying and selling of power/position, and the absolute control over spiritual provisions;
are already fully manifested in the people bearing Jehovah's name.

As for your pointed questions:

Are we in the “conclusion of the system of things”?I will let Jesus answer that, at Matthew chapter 24. It must be kept in mind, that these signs were compared to a woman's labor, which begins, intensifies, and finally culminates in a birth. We should then, expect the same progression with the signs Jesus gave. As he said, "all these things (signs) are a beginning of labor pains". Therefore, we would expect the signs he gave to intensify over time, previous to the spiritual birth/sealing of all the "firstborn/firstfruits".

Have the two-witnesses already begun their prophesying?
I believe so. But it must be considered that this period of 1,260 days, is not literal. It is half of seven times. Seven times reflects what is required to satisfy Jehovah's justice. Nebuchadnezzar was told that "seven times" were needed to pass over him, till he learned that to whomever Jehovah wants, he gives the kingdom.

This is the same reason for the seven times, passing over the anointed ones. The kingdom to come is greater than that of Nebuchadnezzar! Seven times causes the full discipline (like silver or gold in the furnace) (Lev.26:18; 2Kings5:10; Psalm12:6). Yet this 1,260 days is only 3 1/2 times. This is because it is only one of two requirements. Only those left standing through these seven times will be approved (Mal.3:2).

17 By the decree of watchers the thing is, and [by] the saying of holy ones the request is, to the intent that people living may know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it and he sets up over it even the lowliest one of mankind.”32 until you know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind, and that to the one whom he wants to he gives it.’”This is the purpose of the seven times.
It continues until all are taught,
that Jehovah can abase those who exalt themselves and those who neglect their calling out of fear or a desire for favor with mere men. Those who humble themselves and wait on Jehovah, will also see this fulfillment take place for them.

Has the mark been giving out yet?
I am not sure if you speak of the mark of "sighing and groaning" (Eze.9:4), the mark of the beast (Rev.13:16), or the mark of being sealed (Rev.14:1).
If the "two witnesses" are prophesying, then humans are being given the chance to respond to their message, either positively or negatively.
They are now choosing who their minds are slaves to (Zeph.2:2,3).
This response in the heart, head, and hand is read, and a mark given accordingly. These marks separate sheep from goats, and sealed from unsealed....again, on how these respond to the least of Christ's brothers (Matt.25:45,46), who in the end time, are the "two witnesses" (Rev.11:3).


Thank you for your good questions.
I do believe, based upon my present understanding of all current conditions, that the two witnesses are prophesying now.

"who/what make up these two-witnesses?"

We are told in these two scriptures..
"And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth. These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees and the two lampstands and are standing before the Lord of the earth."

We know the scriptures have much to say about these two "symbols", especially in the Hebrew scriptures; but the other scripture we should look at is
"And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone as the sun and his outer garments became brilliant as the light. And, look! there appeared to them Moses and E·li´jah conversing with him."

Jesus referred to these two positions, at Matt.20:21-23:
"He said to her: “What do you want?” She said to him: “Give the word that these my two sons may sit down, one at your right hand and one at your left in your kingdom."
Jesus said in answer: “You men do not know what are asking for. Can YOU drink the cup that I am about to drink?” They said to him: “We can.”He said to them: “YOU will indeed drink my cup, but this sitting down at my right hand and at my left is not mine to give, but it belongs to those for whom it has been prepared by my Father”.

What do these two inherit that has been prepared for them (along with this sitting down at Christ's side)?

“Then the king will say to those on his right, ‘Come YOU who have been blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for YOU from the founding of the world."

These two witnesses, represent the seed of the New Covenant...the 144,000. Yet we know that all 144,000 are not contained in the "two witnesses", since the seventh trumpet has not yet blown, resurrecting the other faithful victors from their graves.
If we read Rev.12:17, it says:
"And the dragon grew wrathful at the woman, and went off to wage war with the remaining ones of her seed, who observe the commandments of God and have the work of bearing witness to Jesus.....(the two witnesses).

 So the full number of this Moses/Elijah inheritors of the Kingdom, are not present in the two witnesses, but the "remaining ones" of them, are.
This symbol of the "two witnesses", are those who are sealed....victorious from the wild beast.
How did they attain this stature?
We are told at Rev.12:11...
"And they conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their witnessing, and they did not love their souls even in the face of death."
And naturally, they did not accept the mark of the beast (Rev.15:2), nor look to it for salvation (Rev.7:10).

Yet Jesus, right after the vision of Moses and Elijah, said to his disciples...
Mark 9:13:
"But I say to YOU E·li´jah, in fact, has come, and they did to him as many things as they wanted, just as it is written respecting him."

Here he was referring to John, the herald of Jesus day.
Yet Jesus also let us know that there will be another "Elijah" in the time of the end...
Mark 9:12:
"He said to them: “E·li´jah does come first and restore all things"

All things have not yet been restored, have they? This result of the work of the final herald, the "restoring of the devastated places", is not yet accomplished.
(for more about the three heralds of Jehovah, see http://pearl-johnbaptist.blogspot.com )

To sum the answer to your question up, the two witnesses are a symbol of those final anointed alive on earth, who faithfully declare what Christ gives them; preparing the way of the returning Christ (as John the baptizer did).
If the full number of these turns out to be literal (I hope not and doubt it), then that is up to Jehovah.

These "two" anointed are described as not accepting the mark of the beast, as witnessing to truth, as coming through the great test.....
many traits such as these indicate to me that there are many, even as is already evident among us now.
Yet "no man is able to number" these ones. Truly, only Jehovah knows whose heart is victorious in all these things.

Where is their prophesying taking place and what is the message?

This prophesying takes place during Christ's presence.
(Remember Matt.24:3?)

In these two scriptures, we can consider how Jesus answers "where" his witnesses will be giving the message he causes (Rev.11:3)....

"For just as the lightning comes out of eastern parts and shines over to western parts, so the presence of the Son of man will be.
Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together."
"For even as the lightning, by its flashing, shines from one part under heaven to another part under heaven, so the Son of man will be."

:20 “The kingdom of God is not coming with striking observableness"
:30 "The same way it will be on that day when the Son of man is to be revealed (the manifestation of his presence 2Thess.2:8)
"Then, indeed the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence".

"And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and sixty days.
The place where the anointed are fed (wilderness, where the carcass is, a place prepared by God) is the same place where the "eagles" are feeding, and the "lightening" is shining.
It instantaneously "flashes" from "east to west".
In this way, the presence of Christ, his truth (the spirit of his mouth, long sword from his mouth), and his two witnesses bearing witness to him, will be manifested.

Jesus will become manifest by the spirit of his mouth, the truth, as witnessed to by the "two" who have "the work of bearing witness to Jesus.
We see there at 2Thess., that part of that witness will expose the man of lawlessness. (this helps to answer your other question above.)

The message of the two witnesses is described by many scriptures (too many for today), but to summarize....

it will expose the man of lawlessness,
awaken the 4 angels (all anointed present on earth) that are still bound by falsehood,
defy the river of lies coming from Satan's mouth,
declare what "the woman in the wilderness" (covenant) is being fed,
provide a carcass (of Christ's body, the anointed) for "eagles" to feed on no matter where on the globe they are (East to West),
declare the good news about the Kingdom as being established (all anointed sealed)
as well as some previously unknown details of that Kingdom,
declare an impending end to the spiritual tyranny of Babylons Harlots,
declare the warnings to God's named people who are on line to God's winepress,
warnings to the Steward,
and I'm sure I'm forgetting many more things.

I don’t know what your answer will be to who/what but do you feel that you are one of the two?

This is not up to me, as we saw before, Jesus said, "this sitting down at my right hand and at my left is not mine to give, but it belongs to those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.”
Certainly it is not mine to give to myself, any more then it belongs to the GB to declare themselves "faithful and discreet".

All I know is that I certainly have been chosen to do a job. In great fear of the Heavenly One, I seek to fulfill it and please Him. I can fall at any time, and must beg him constantly for spirit. I know that without it, we are all fools. Yet Jesus promises us, that if we do ask for it, (and we are not grieving it), we will receive (Luke 11:13).

I know that I have received authentic visions. That experience was very sobering.
Only Jehovah knows how he has placed the members of Christ's body.
Our concern, is not to wish for what is not ours, but only to be found faithful with what has been given us.

Above you said the 1,260 period was not literal but yet you compared it with the seven times which was a literal 7 years.
This is true. But the years of refining must pass over all anointed, no matter when they live. Instead of going into all of what that this stands for, maybe you will just consider that the things written before, were written for our instruction...that they are among the shadows of realities not yet beheld....a tutor leading to understanding the realities.
Many literal and material accounts, are for the benefit of our being able to understanding future spiritual fulfillment.

The interpretation of those realities, must be understood within the framework of the rest of the Bible's references to those same things.
Until the rest of the truth is seen, the picture is not completed.

I will have to write a long article to fully answer this question about the 7 TIMES.

To what group is Jesus going to send forth his angels, to collect out from his kingdom all things that cause stumbling and persons who are doing lawlessness, leaving at that time the righteous ones that will shine as brightly as the sun?

Ezekiel was told to go into the midst of Jerusalem, to mark those in distress over the things being done in the midst of it (Eze.9:4,5; Rev.14:1). 
Note Eze.9:7,8,9
. 7 And he said further to them: “Defile the house and fill the courtyards with the slain ones. Go forth!” And they went forth and struck in the city.8 And it came about that, while they were striking and I was left remaining, I proceeded to fall upon my face and cry out and say: “Alas, O Sovereign Lord Jehovah! Are you bringing to ruin all the remaining ones of Israel while you are pouring out your rage upon Jerusalem?”
9 So he said to me: “The error of the house of Israel and Judah is very, very great, and the land is filled with bloodshed and the city is full of crookedness; for they have said, ‘Jehovah has left the land, and Jehovah is not seeing.’ " 
The "house", "courtyard, "Israel", "Judah" "the city", all refer to God's own people...not Satan's political or commercial world.
When the "marking" in the book of Ezekiel occurs, it is for those "sighing and groaning" over the wickedness among God's own people.
(This marking would, at the same time, leave unmarked those designated for destruction.) Those not sighing and groaning are not marked as slaves of God, but are instead, marked as slaves of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:16,17) which is party to the error of God's house. 

Those whom the "angels" mark, are those who are being sealed, from among all those who have been invited but have not grown to perfection by the end. Those sealed ones, he collects into his storehouse first (a designation...not a location). Those who remain after this marking is completed, are designated as being
 collected out from His kingdom (Matt.24:40,41; 25:45,46). This separating designation (mark) occurs previous to the consequences.
This occurs previous to the Kingdom's arrival, or the execution of sentence. You see, to be marked and to be removed, are not the same, nor do they occur at the same time.

The storehouse is a parallel to the wedding feast, as well as those who are "taken" while the others are "left/abandoned".

Note: the scripture does not say "leaving the righteous to shine"...as if they are the ones left.
It says Matt.13:43...
"At that time the righteous ones will shine as brightly as the sun in the kingdom of their Father."
No order, circumstance, or location is given. Remember too...the "two witnesses" are shining before the end...before any destruction...even before some repent! (Rev.11:3; Matt.5:16) They are "in the kingdom of their Father", because all are now sealed. These last ones are partaking of the "wedding feast" of spiritual food. This is the source and power behind their prophesying (Rev.11:3).

But the common ancient practice upon which this illustration is based, can serve as a guide...
The wheat was gathered in first, before the fires were set. This is confirmed at Rev.14:14,15,16,17,18,19,20. There we see Jesus harvesting the wheat before the destruction of the "vine of the earth" occurs. 
(This first harvest by Christ is said to be "ripe" when thoroughly dried out (wheat). That is the meaning of the Greek word which describes this first crop.) Therefore, the sealing of the approved anointed is secured (storehouse), before the destruction of the rest. This is consistent with ancient practice, as well as the scriptures (Rev.7:3).

If you think about it...how can the wicked be destroyed before the good are even identified?

---------------------VISION TWO: BEHEMOTH------------------------

The night I was anointed, I was taken through a series of visions. Vision One is the Winepress, located at pearl-winepress.blogspot.com
Vision Two: Behemoth
This is the subject of the following continuation...

After leaving the winepress vision, my angelic guide carried me through the heavens to a new location over the earth. Once again we entered the earth's atmosphere, which was thick and caustic. I noticed too, that the other angel from the winepress vision (who carried the saved ones away) was with us. The earth was still dimly lit, and the ground supported no life. All was grey, dry, and dead. We hovered over an area where a terrible powerful and huge beast was pursuing it's victims. The only things present were the Beast, the fleeing people, and large boulders of stone which the people ran to in an attempt to hide from the Beast.
As the two angels and we hovered above, I saw that this Beast was exceedingly fearsome. It was unnatural. It only desired murder. It did not eat it's victims. It's only desire was the death of them, and it was very skilled at murdering.
It's nostrils flared and could smell out anyone, no matter where they tried to hide. It was efficient and moved quickly. When it ran, the ground shook. What it did not tear apart with it's teeth, it shredded with it's sharp claws. As soon as it's victim finished screaming, it stomped to it's next victim.
In my heart, I pitied the many dashing victims. They had no hope in the face of this beast. I wanted to leave the vision.
Then, to my horror, the other angel who carried the saved ones from the winepress line, descended toward the ground. He deposited the saved ones into the scene. Once their feet touched the ground, the Beast seemed immediately alerted to them, and the short hopeless chase, ended in their brutal deaths. 
I turned and pleaded with my guide, "Why should the saved ones only end in death? Why should it be that those few who escape from the winepress, must come here only to die by this monster?"
When I looked into the eyes of my guide, I could discern that his compassion was genuine, as he answered saying, "I must leave you here also. In the future, you will understand."
I was horrified and could not reason on the necessity of this nightmarish experience. I begged and pleaded, but he gently placed me down. He then flew away.
In panic, I ran to the closest boulder and negotiated in my mind how to avoid the Beast's field of vision, while planning to run to rocks further away. Someone close to my rock was grabbed while running, and I realized that his smell masked mine. I had began to hope that I might outsmart this Monster, since my guide mentioned understanding "in the future". 
Then, I turned around to the sound of it's nostrils, and was mercilessly killed.

As if from a sound sleep, I gradually awoke in flight with my angel guide. I told him that the beast had killed me. He acknowledged me and confirmed..."Yes, the beast does kill you."
As we were flying, this time in midheaven (the earth was still visible below), I noticed that now, the air seemed clear. Yet the earth was still lifeless grey dust devoid of all green. I noticed afar off in the distance, what appeared to be an immense gaping crater in the earth. It was rimmed like an old volcano. Yet the center was void and wide. As we approached, it seemed bottomless.
My guide spoke to me in tender tones, repeating his assurances. He said, "Do not forget that I am coming for you. I must leave you in this place for a short time. Remember!...I am coming for you. I will not forget you. I will come for you. Will you remember?"
I thought to myself..."Waiting a little while in a hole is nothing compared to being mauled to death by fangs and sharp claws!" I was about to learn otherwise.

(This series of visions will continue in Vision Three- "The Deep Abyss", to be included in the future article 
http://pearl-leviathan.blogspot.com/ )

To follow here will be the scriptures associated with this vision of the Beast, and this vision's interpretation, when this section continues.